Did you know that even in the Soviet Union logo designers have already worked on their creations? Many people think that this profession is modern and became popular only a few years ago, but no, lots of people tried their best in the creation of logos in far 80th.


Rokas Sutkaitis, a graphic, typography and print designer from Lithuania started gathering and uploading Soviet logos on his page in Instagram. The main goal of this project was to show the audience the best-forgotten logos, that were designed in the Soviet Union. Maybe in a few years, there would be even a book with lots of artworks.


  • Furniture factory, Kamyshin
    Designer: V.A. Pobedin
    Year: Unknown

  • Papermaking equipment, Kansk
    Designer: V. Parfenov
    Year: 1970

  • Research Institute, proposed design, Leningrad (St Petersburg)
    Designer: V. Kazarinov
    Year: 1968

  • Dairy products factory, Kapsukas (MarijampolÄ—)
    Designer: K. Gvalda
    Year: circa 1965